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Back to School with Janelle Tam by Dalton McGuinty

by sbccadmin on September 7, 2012


Posted by Dalton McGuinty

Many people don’t know this, but I got my bachelor’s degree in science at McMaster University. I thought about being a surgeon. My mother is still disappointed. She often jokes, “At my age, I need a doctor — what am I going to do with a Premier?”

There’s no question that Janelle Tam’s parents are tremendously proud. She’s a 16-year old science whiz, badminton player, musician and debater from Waterloo Collegiate. As students head back to the classroom today, I hope you’ll take a moment to watch her inspiring story. She’s making discoveries that are grabbing the attention of renowned biotech researchers — and she is the winner of the prestigious Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge. Her findings have the potential to change how we fight disease and the signs of aging using nano-particles from trees.

Janelle’s commitment and the hard work of all our students reaffirms my belief that there is no higher priority than education. It’s the single most important investment we can make in our future. We owe it to students like Janelle to give them their best possible start so they can go on to do exciting things that improve quality of life for all of us. More than that, providing a great education to our children is how we build a stronger society. It’s how we bring up engaged citizens who care for one another. It’s how we build a productive workforce that supports a strong economy.

So to all our students and teachers, best wishes for a great year.

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